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Seems a lot of people have been asking about the Capsaicin Cream Punishment AKA “The Silent Spanking” Please remember to proceed with caution, results may vary, not valid in the state of Asgard.

Interesting…i think this might have to become an addition to the toys for entertaining on football watch/play gatherings….a real spanking first, followed by the silent spanking treatment to keep a sissie’s ass hot and ready for its next use/abuse to serve the real men in attendance….
Ashli-Richelle Flint, MI. (810)516-7037

Why can’t I find a Mistress that would allow a sissy slave bitch surrender itself to HER and be of complete service to HER in any and all ways in the Flint, MI. area????

I am ready for this to become reality for the rest of my life!!!   Ashli-Richelle     Flint, MI.       (810)516-7037

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