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Unless one admits they are a sissy faggot that desires to become BLACK OWNED, surrendering its self to the Training, Conditioning, and Ultimate Control of The BLACK MAN!

This sissy ~bitch~ is ready for the total submission required to become a SUPERIOR BLACK MAN’S PROPERTY…completely!

sissy faggot lives in Flint, MI. USA,  (810) 516-7037 and is available immediately to begin its worship of its BLACK MASTER!!!

BBC Rules!!!



BOI PUSSY - Stretched out and ready to fuck!

I am all for that!!!!  Looking for a DOM MAN to allow me to become HIS bitch and whore in the Flint, MI. area.  Totally submissive cd here that loves discipline, bondage, and being controlled completely. Long Term arrangement would be wonderful….   (810) 516-7037

Ashli-Richelle is the name and I am seriously seeking a DOM!

(Source: anothersissycuck)

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