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Very hot

Cool bi dude always reblogging hot shit!!

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Great Video Post….Thanks!

Would love to have a DOM DADDY/MASTER take me to a local adult theater and be made to service anyone desiring, but, i wouldn’t want to waste the CUM, i would want to be swallowing all i could. Plus i would be dressed like a bitch, so anyone wanting to use my body would be able to rather easily. i am Ashli-Richelle, live in Flint, MI. and looking for that DOM DADDY/MASTER!  (810) 931-3708

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Unless one admits they are a sissy faggot that desires to become BLACK OWNED, surrendering its self to the Training, Conditioning, and Ultimate Control of The BLACK MAN!

This sissy ~bitch~ is ready for the total submission required to become a SUPERIOR BLACK MAN’S PROPERTY…completely!

sissy faggot lives in Flint, MI. USA,  (810) 931-3708 and is available immediately to begin its worship of its BLACK MASTER!!!

BBC Rules!!!


As an older white sissy, I admit the above is OH so true.

I am seeking BLACK MASTER to become my OWNER, making me HIS Property, trained and CONDITIONED to surrender without hesitation to any and all of HIS Desires and/or Demands. I understand I will become HIS slave, sissy slut, whore, and cunt to be used as HE Determines, whenever and wherever HE says.

I am Ashli-Richelle, live in Flint,MI., (810) 931-3708

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